Jim Tyler, Board Member

Jim Tyler, board member

JIM TYLER is a Valley native and local contractor returning from prior service on the CACHE Board. Jim and his “very patient” wife, Sarah, are proud of their two adult children who both graduated from EUHS. Their daughter made a big life change with a move to Sweden a couple years ago, and their son is on the fast track as a manager with FedEx.

Jim has a long record of community involvement with Sarah, who formerly served on staff at the Exeter Chamber of Commerce. In 2018, Jim and Sarah began an art studio at his shop as a way to encourage community members to engage in working with their hands to produce art instead of spending time on computer and phone screens.

Jim’s interest in art began when he saw a Van Gogh for the first time. “I was struck by the passion in those brush strokes and that fueled my continuing passion for art,” Jim said.

He says that as a contractor, he is proud of all the remodels, additions, and new builds in the Exeter area that will outlive him. His hobbies always revolve around creating: painting, woodworking, landscaping and building. And that includes the community and institution building he is engaged in as a key member of the CACHE Board of Directors.