Dwight Miller

A Call for artist educators for a possible art program in Exeter 

For most of you, this note is simply an FYI. For others who know artists, please share the info with them.
Jose Orejel is the new Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) Program Director for Exeter Unified School District. I had a long conversation with him yesterday about possibilities and what role our gallery could have in supporting arts education for kids after school. They have funding to support an after school art program targeting TK-6th grade students at Lincoln and Rocky Hill Elementary Schools. TK = “transitional kindergarten” for those of you wondering.
They are looking for an artist or artists who will work with either the little ones (TK-2) or the older ones (3-6). It could be one day per week or more on the school site. If on Wednesdays (early dismissal days at 1:15 pm), it could go longer than an hour. There is some flexibility in the schedule. There is a stipend available for both the artist’s time and materials for the kids. The attached form was designed for district staff but it applies to anyone.
If you are interested or know anyone else who might be interested, please share this info and contact Jose directly at jorejel@exeterk12.org
Art instructors would be required to get fingerprint and TB clearance.
I am hopeful that we could show art from these programs at the gallery afterwards and this would generate considerable traffic through the gallery in coming months.
Download Proposal Form